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“TLAC is my fitness sanctuary. Through my workouts, I’ve been able to achieve the goal fitness level that I wished to reach when I walked through the doors 15 years ago.”

David Venable has been a member of the TLAC family since 2000.  He is the author of “Boston Bound”, a 3-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, 8-time Boston Marathon finisher (and 9-time qualifier), and co-founder of the Mill Race Marathon.  He began is fitness journey at the age of 39 and since has finished over 80 total half and full marathons and 20 total triathlons (Sprint, Olympic and Ironman distances).


I was introduced to TLAC about 15 years ago as a guest. Since that first visit, my life and lifestyle has changed for the better. After starting to see the results of mid-life taking a toll on my body, I started to exercise. Initially, I worked to build bulk, but after a few years decided to become more of a runner and bulk was no longer the goal and I transitioned into a balanced fitness plan, where I work on cardio, core, and maintain a general strength for running and triathlons.

I spend most of my time primarily in the free weight and bench area, but I will rotate depending upon any events that I’m training for. I use the Total Gym for swim training, the stationary bike for triathlon/cycling, and the elliptical and treadmill for running (especially if the weather outside is bad). After 15 years of visiting the club (primarily during lunch time), I find that I’ve moved into training that usually incorporates two elements for each exercise such as balance/core and strength. As with any interest/sport you need to keep it fresh and new by incorporating different challenges.

I am also a member of a competitive gym since I live in the Indianapolis area. It is “just a gym”. The trainers and staff are essentially invisible even though I may be there for hours. At TLAC, it is more of a friendly atmosphere where at any time, I can ask questions to any trainer on equipment, and everyone is personable and caring – clearly much different than the fitness chains. TLAC is my fitness sanctuary. Through my workouts, I’ve been able to achieve the goal fitness level that I wished to reach when I walked through the doors 15 years ago.

*Disclaimer: Success stories represent individual testimonials and not typical results. Tipton Lakes Athletic Club does not guarantee results, which can vary from individual to individual.