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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Free Group Fitness Classes something I can try as a beginner?

Yes, our HEALTHY U Free Group Fitness Classes are appropriate for all age and ability levels. Whether you have attended classes before or you’re looking to take advantage for the first time these classes are designed to help guide you through your workout. Not sure what to do in a class? Come 5-10 minutes early so that you can speak with the instructor and get ready for a great class.

What Free Group Fitness Classes are best for strengthening my body?

Group Power, TRX, BOSU Blast and Defined are the best strength training classes we offer. While TRX and BOSU Blast will also add a cardiovascular element to your workout, the emphasis will be on helping you get stronger.

What Free Group Fitness Classes are best for cardio?

Spinning, Group Ride and Group Kick are great cardiovascular classes. Spinning and Group Ride are both indoor cycling classes that are led by an instructor who is on a bike with you. Not sure what to do on the bike? Come to your first class and just sit and peddle. The next time, try some of the movements the instructor is asking the class to perform.

Group Kick is a kickboxing class that really gets you moving. Using different styles of martial arts, this class will have you kicking, punching and jumping your way to a better body.

What do I do if I need to be shown how to use the equipment?

Setting up a time with a personal trainer is the best option. Our trainers work by appointment, so scheduling a time is the best way to have their undivided attention. We offer 2 free sessions when you join TLAC, this is often used to help explain how the machines work. Need a little more help? Just ask one of our trainers and they’ll take some time to help you out.

What is better for weight loss, strength or cardiovascular workouts?

We recommend that you work more on strength, but you do want to have cardiovascular work as well. Using them together is a great way to lose weight and continue to get stronger. We suggest that you work to make your body stronger first, then work on adding the cardiovascular piece next. By working on your strength first you’ll be better able to ward off injuries and keep your body safe from repetitive movements.

What is functional training and why is it important?

Functional training is a method of training that will help you perform daily tasks better. We use movement based exercises instead of machine based exercises. These will allow your entire body to work more at once, rather than just certain aspects at one time. We believe that functional training is the best way to train for the majority of weight loss and performance goals. We want to help you move better, feel better and perform better by training you through those movements.