Indoor Tennis / Pickleball / Racquetball

TLAC is Southern Indiana’s premier racquet sports club catering to Tennis, Pickleball, and Racquetball. Follow our Tennis programs on Facebook!


General Fitness

We have weight equipment, cardio equipment, many various group classes, and team training classes, a TRX rig, one on one or small group personal training. Our club cares about each individual that walks through our doors. We want them to meet their fitness and health related goals. We have many various group and personal training classes to fit into everyone’s schedule. We offer Cycling, Yoga, Zumba, Group Power, Group FIght, Bosu Blast, Insanity, and TRX. Join our Fitness Fanatics Facebook Group!


Pilates / Melt

Pilates builds core and total body strength and stability, increases flexibility and overall range of motion, and improves mind-body awareness. All ages and fitness levels benefit from Pilates. It involves zero impact and is adapted to meet the needs of each individual. Melt Method techniques and tools are integrated throughout our TLAC Pilates programs in order to increase spinal mobility, neuro-muscular response and pelvic stability. For Pilates at TIpton Lakes Athletic Club, we offer Personal Training, Small Group Training, Mat and Bosu Pilates.  Meet with our Pilates instructor to explore specific benefits you can expect, experience the Pilates equipment, and decide which approach is best for you. 


Martial Arts

Columbus Martial Arts Academy teaches Karate and Modern Arnis at Tipton Lakes Athletic CLub. Taught by Jason Gearheart , who holds a 4th degree black belt in Modern Arnis, a Filipino martial art, and 3rd degree black belt in an Okinawan style of Karate called Ryu Kyu Kempo. Emphasis is placed on basic self-defense that incorporates pressure points and proper body positioning. Drills are also incorporated to improve eye hand coordination as well as posture and self-awareness. A strong emphasis is also placed on safety, how to fall, correct times when self-defense should be used as well as how much force should be used in various situations. Children and adult classes are available.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!