Client Reviews

“I followed a training and nutrition program from Kristy Smith. This was different than anything I have done before. Kristy has a different approach. The nutrition program was not hard to live with and something that I can stick with as I go forward. I am down 14 pounds in 6 weeks and lost a few inches.”
– Russ Sproessig

“We joined TLAC to get stronger and more fit, not just to get more thin. What we have found is that we are now part of a fitness community.” We have become a part of a group that expects to show up everyday and notices when we are not there. It keeps us accountable and motivated.”
– Andy and Becca Robbins

“TLAC is such a great atmosphere no matter your level of fitness. I can’t say enough about the trainers and how much encouragement and support they give us; I am 54 and doing things I never, ever would have thought I could do, let alone tried to do.”
– Mary Kohen

“I have recommended TLAC to all my friends, family, and coworkers. TLAC has everything you need, for whatever type of workout you want”
– Tyson O’Haver

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