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Embrace Full-Body Flexibility and Strength through Pilates

Build your core strength and increase the flexibility of every muscle group with Pilates classes at Tipton Lakes Athletic Club!

Every age and fitness level will benefit from these classes aimed at promoting breathing, balance, posture, body mechanics, and range of motion. Because it is considered a low-impact form of exercise, movements are less strenuous on joints and muscles – a perfect work out for fitness beginners, seniors, or those with health concerns. Pilates challenges the most fit, and yet is an excellent place to begin your return to fitness.

What options are offered at TLAC?

Our gym in Columbus offers individual, duo, and group instructional classes featuring mat work, bands, reformer, resistance props, and rollers.

Personal Training (Private & Duo)

  • Enjoy an amazing line-up of Pilates workouts uniquely tailored to your personal goals and fitness level.  These sessions are taught in our private Pilates studio.

Small Group Training

  • Springs & Barrels is an excellent opportunity to experience Pilates studio equipment in a small group setting.  Enjoy the unique supple strength offered by Pilates Cadillac tower springs and Pilates step-barrels.  Class size is limited to five.  Advanced registration is required.

Mat & BOSU Pilatesclass-pilates-3

  • Pilates Core:  Drop-in anytime to blast your core in order to maximize strength. stability and spinal flexibility!  No prior Pilates experience needed.
  • Pilates Basics:  Learn fundamental Pilates mat exercises as building blocks for a stronger and more flexible you. This is an excellent place to begin your Pilates journey!  No prior experience is required.
  • Pilates Mat:  This intermediate level Pilates mat class uses bands, rollers and Pilates circles.  Prior Pilates experience is highly recommended.
  • BOSU Pilates:  Drop-in anytime for a challenging, well rounded workout to complement your fitness program!  Focus on maximizing range of motion, flexibility and core strength.  No prior Pilates experience is needed.

Want to know more about Pilates? Stop by our Columbus gym and meet with one of our Pilates instructors to explore specific benefits you can expect, experience the Pilates equipment, and decide which approach is best for you!